A good look for your business

Cisco just released the new beta for Cisco UCS Director 6.5. There are a bunch of reasons why you should pay attention to this new release, as it offers some important new features, including a new HTML5 admin interface, a new HTML5 based workflow designer and many more improvements. Did we mention it is good-looking? We’ll get more into that later, but for now let’s talk technical specifics.

In previous blogs we introduced Cisco UCS Director and discussed some key benefits it allows customers to do:

  • Transparently increase or decrease your infrastructure to rapidly align resources with business demands.
  • Quickly provision, pool, and schedule resources based on the requirements of the workload, via abstraction of infrastructure components
  • Customise your workflow creation using a robust open community of code samples fuels.
  • Free up valuable time for Data Center professionals to become true business partners and provide competitive value to the business.

However, the latest, UCS Director 6.5 (Glacier Bay) Beta has cool new features:

The HTML5 features a cool new interface

When talking about looks, you have to start at the face. And when talking features, that means the interface. Since Cisco acquired Cloupia in December 2012 until the present version, there were some issues with the previous interface. The management interface was based on Flash, which caused some issues as it was not in line with other Cisco products and it was slow to work with. The new HTML 5 interface UCSDS will be more in line with other Data Center GUIs, like UCS Central 2.0 and UCS Manager 3.1, so it is easy to navigate through the different GUIs. They also all have the same look and feel. So, when we login to both versions of UCSD, the login screen is the same, as this was already updated in UCSD6 to a HTML5 login screen.

When a user logged in with version 6, based on his role, he was redirected to the HTML5 based self-service portal or the flash based management portal. Below, you find both interfaces next to each other.

UCS Director 6.5 is relaxed and organised

It is not only good-looking, it is also chill and on top of things – as we have discussed – the new GUI looks very fresh and easy to use. It is also really fast. As you can see, the converged and hyper converged sections are now placed at the left of the GUI which makes it easier to navigate through the interface. Another key change: Orchestration is now a top item instead of an item under the Policies tab. This is because the Orchestration part of UCSD becomes more and more a core feature of UCSD. Also, the Orchestrator part of UCS Director is redesigned within the new HTML5 interface, that has a new easy way of building and connecting your workflow tasks.

A Subserviant machine: users are in control

One of the great features of UCSD is the ability of control it provides for users. Users can build their own virtual Data Center within the policies that are configured and they can manage the newly created virtual machines that they made. They even get their own self-service portal with all the information they need to know about their virtual Data Center when they log on to the UCSD appliance:

This view allows users to see the amount of virtual and physical machines and provision new machines if necessary with a similar look and feel.

An ideal mate for your business

If you are looking to rapidly increase infrastructure with business demands, and to free up some time from your work responsibilities, you should definitely check out the new beta for Cisco UCS Director 6.5. It can make any business look good and you may just find a long-term mate.

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